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mmm-page-banner-logo.pngMike Moore Ministries (MMM) is a global outreach created to reach people using the verifiable truth that “The Word of God is the Answer.” This ministry unveils the tools necessary to access and activate the power and promises in God’s Word that are inherent to all believers.

Dr. Mike Moore, Senior Pastor and Founder of Faith Chapel, established the principles of this ministry on the fact that God wants His people to live a prosperous life—a prosperity that exceeds the boundaries of just finances. This prosperity encompasses physical health, relationships, mental health, and financial independence. Dr. Moore’s scripture-based teachings give insights into how to gain these freedoms.

The teachings of MMM are simple, practical and completely backed up by Scriptures that assure us of the impact that sowing has upon our lives.  God wants more for our lives than we can even imagine, and He has mapped out the plan for us to achieve those blessings. Dr. Moore helps us to navigate the Word so we can access all God has for us.

MMM encourages you to remember always that The Word of God is the Answer for every area of your life, and you can accomplish anything with your faith!